How to pull off leopard print !

On a daily life basis my sister and I call ourselves fashion polices, we spot the fashion faux pas and the triumphs of the moment. We obviously do that because we find it funny to play high fashion people ( which we’re far from ).I am sure if I cross Cristina Cordula or real fashion polices they will spot something wrong with my outfit.

For me fashion is a way of having fun and expressing your emotions and personality, but still be careful about what you wear.

I keep on seeing leopard print fashion faux pas so today I will be talking about the trickster that is LEOPARD PRINT. Leopard print is one of the trickiest prints out there, worn well you’re the sexiest person in the room worn wrong well you know how it is, here are 3 tips on how to pull it off !

1- Choose a good piece

This is the most important tip, you want a piece that looks expensive, and by that try to go more towards the chic items such as  ( faux ) fur coats and high fashion blouses.

2- Make the outfit centered towards the leopard print

By that I don’t mean make your entire outfit using leopard prints but make the leopard printed item the conversation starter, for example, go for a uniform outfit, dark blue skinny jeans with a V-neck white shirt and on top of that leopard print or on hotter days wear leopard printed shoes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 7.01.15 PM

3- AVOID wearing skin tight clothes that have leopard print

I cannot tell you how much I’ve seen this, and it’s just horrible, it doesn’t make you any sexier or fiercer, just avoid it at all costs.

//Disclaimer : Not all fashion items should be worn, for instance, I hate leopard print wether I wear it well or not I just don’t necessarily feel good wearing something that has an animal print on it, then again it’s one tricky print.\

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