Find your style

It took me ages to find to find my style and today I finally have it. I thought that the more clothes I own, the more of a fashionista I am, but I oh god it has nothing to do with that.Simple pieces that you can mix and match are all you need.I updated my entire closet and donated all the things that I don’t need, don’t suit me or my style, don’t wear.And by doing so I found out what my style is, but do let you know I never label myself don’t see the point, I don’t label myself as a pesco- vegetarian or vegetarian or even as a vegan, and I don’t label myself as a boho, or 9to5 chic kind of girl, I just do me.

Fashion is all about having fun and feeling comfortable!

Enough with the talking let’s get to the real stuff.

There are 5 styles out there that are











 Those are the 5 given styles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match, as you can see from the pictures I have all the key items to all 5 styles but I mix & match and boom it gives you my style.


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