Stoked Summer

This is definitely a summer I wouldn’t forget, I wanted it to be all about getting out of my comfort zone and I did.
I spent this summer conquering my fears and taking risks, cause that is all that life is about.

When going to Skhirat, I’ve reunited with my surf coaches, but this year I wanted to have more of a bonding relationship and we did, they are great people and I have made some great memories with them, ones that will forever be engraved in my heart.


I then went to Tetouan with my parents, my two sisters and a close friend of ours, and we’ve spent 3 days meeting new people, taking pictures, making memories and enjoying the beach and the pool.


We head back to Rabat, for some rest, and a week later took the road to Casablanca, where we met some old friends of ours, reconnecting with people you knew when you were 10 and still have the same vibe after 9 years is a wonderful feeling, no awkward moments just beautiful emotional moments.


Three days later we hit the road again to Agadir, I wanted to go to Paradise Valley so badly, but life has its ups and downs and I got food poisoning, so unfortunate, but I was waiting to go to Agadir for so long I couldn’t let food poisoning take over how much I would or wouldn’t enjoy my holidays.

I am an ocean soul, so heading to the beach will only do me good, and it did, I went to the beach, enjoyed the salted waters, the sand on my feet and the fresh air.

Agadir was all about relaxing and discovering my inner self.


Three nights later we took the road to Marrakesh and wanted to stay in to enjoy Jemaa el-Fnaa by night but decided not to in the last minute. So we went to Tahannouat to do some air activities.


Not going to lie I was scared, it wasn’t the first time I would zip wire but it was definitely a scarier version of what I already once did.

It was in the mountains & it was pretty high.

We still went to Jemaa el-Fnaa, and I talked to sellers to know their stories and be inspired. Not everyone’s life is easy, and getting to know other people’s lives and issues makes you think twice about the choices you make in your life.


It was definitely an adventurous summer but essentially a spiritual one, where I connected back with nature, people, humanity and most importantly with my inner self.

Thank you for all the people I’ve met this year and those who where long ago a part of my life ❤

For a more fun version of this article watch the travel video I made


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