5 ways to simplify your life



With the rise of the Kon-Mari way of life, and capsule wardrobes, 2016 was the year of minimalism. Simplifying for me means to live an easy and lighter life.                                                        Today in Adviceologie, I am going to give you 5 tips on how you can easily simplify your life !

1.  Delete unwanted emails and messages

Every single month ( that is if I don’t procrastinate ), I will delete unwanted messages or emails. I just go through my inbox and delete all those emails that bring no sense into my life, it can be a coupon code that is outdated or a subscription email, just the email that I judge as unnecessary.

2. Unsubscribe

It’s easy to follow and unfollow on Instagram, but we tend to forget that we have subscriptions in our emails, so unsubscribe from any email subscription unless you really like it.

3. Cut out unwanted people

Simplifying your life, means having only the necessity and what brings you joy, if a certain person isn’t bringing any joy or happiness into your life then, why keep it ?

Trust me this step is no easy task, it takes a lot of time to get used to not having that one person in your life, but you’re doing it for the better.

I have cut quite some people since 2013 and I have been at my best state, those people were bringing negative vibes into my life, they were causing problems, they were a source of unhappiness and when I decided to cut them off which again was no easy task I felt way happier.

4. Unfollow

You can also let go of people on social media, so unfollow Instagram accounts that don’t resonate with your or make you feel self-conscious. And unfollow any Facebook friend that puts you in a crappy mood.

5. Declutter

Declutter your closet, you school supplies, you books etc… then donate the items that you don’t need or that don’t spark you joy.


What little things have you done to simplify your life ?


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