My Love For Sunsets

If you follow me on Instagram or have me on Facebook, you know I have an obsession with sunsets. The beautiful canvas it creates is so mesmerizing.

Sunsets are so magical, and I wanted to sprinkle some of that magic on my blog, so I’m sharing with you my best sunset photographs.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

    Paradis Plage – Agadir 


Morocco Mall – Casa


UIR – Rabat


Khobar – KSA

2016-12-01 06.24.53 1.jpg

UIR – Rabat

A little bit of culture
The colour of the sunset is determined by what is called, scattering, basically the light rays change directions in the atmosphere due to molecules and small particules. So scattering determines the colour of the sunset but it’s more a wavelength thingy, the thing is we actually see just a little tiny bit of what’s really going on, because we can only see what is called visible wavelength and some of those visible wavelengths is actually absorbed by the atmosphere depending on what happened to the light before we got to see it.

Please mention my Instagram or blog if you ever want to use my pictures.


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