Open love letter

This is a writing I wrote a year and a half ago shared it and took it down, and I think love can’t be more expressed than the in the month of February!

Here I am sitting in my bed’s dorm in the comfiest clothes I own. A big chunky sweater, one size bigger trouser and my hair wrapped up in a microfiber towel. Oh and let’s no forget my dark chocolate bars.

I am so wrecked, fifteen minutes of intense swimming and I am already dead.

It’s the holidays, people are going, this place is getting empty. I see smiles, I hear laughter and I feel love. All these students are excited to see their families.

“Are they going to be happy seeing me ?” I hear.

“ How are they going to welcome me ? ” someone else says.

I look at them with a smile while crying on the inside.

“Where is my family ?” I ask.

“On the other side of the globe, so ?” said a voice in my head.

I feel alone. I am alone.

Am I even allowed to so?I have my grandma’s, my aunts, my uncles and my cousins forty minutes away, but is it really the same?

I miss hearing the voice of my dad calling us on the weekend for lunch : “ Hajourty, Zaïnouba, Soussou, come down, it’s time to eat” and my sisters and I we’ll take thirty minutes to actually go down *giggles*

I miss coming back from school and having a psychologist, a best friend, a mom I can say anything to.

I miss annoying my sister singing loudly and making bracelets ( Loom bands ) with my other sister.

I miss having those not so pamper evenings with my sisters & those Disney movie nights with the entire family.

I miss everything.

But this is a choice I made for my future. And yes the text I wrote was ranting about how my life sucks in a way but let’s be positive my family is one Skype away and I’m living THE life, the one I’d never imagined, the one with real freedom and the one doing what I love.

So thank you daddy for being able to give me all of this, the studies, this life and most importantly your love.

Thank you mum for calling me every single day to check up on me and for still being my best friend when we’re 3500 miles away.

Thank you my sisters for your snaps that always make me smile.

Thank you to all of you,

Love from your daughter, your sister


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