Beauty standards


Society has taught me to care about the stupidest ish, like holding on tight to my hair cause longer hair is prettier.

So, of course, the day I chopped off my hair I cried a bunch. Long story short, my hair was up to my butt, I decided to go get two, three inches off. I never give my hair to anyone to cut, but that day I woke up feeling a little “boujee” ( I put it in brackets, cause I literally spent less than 2$ on my haircut; perks of living in Morocco ). So as I said I went to the hairdresser next door I gave her my hair, told her to cut the split ends, and you already know the end of the story, she cut way more inches than three.


I don’t have a proper picture of my short hair this one is just to give you an idea of how short my hair was.

I can still remember how shocked I was when my fingers weren’t running down till my hips, they stopped at my shoulders. I freaked out!

My aunt was with me, and she was very reassuring. But you know what, I’m actually very thankful for that hairdresser, cause it helped me get out my comfort zone. I never would have cut my hairs short. Having long hair since the age of 14 years old, was good for me, I felt beautiful, I wasn’t stressed about it growing, it was good, it was comfortable!

Once it was chopped. I had to accept it, crying wasn’t going to bring my hair back.

The first days I would braid it at night and let it down in the morning to go to school, or I would always have it up, in a bun or some sort of hairstyle that will not show my short hair. Two weeks after I was totally fine with my short hair, when I would stay in my room I would have it down, with all the volume, the frizz, the weird curls and waves and I felt so happy and free. Back when I had long hair, It would get attached to anything; a doorknob, my chair, my bracelets, really anything!

Having short hair was symbolic to me, because it was a time of freedom, for me I felt like a rebellion, ready to conquer the world and eff society. And you know what, whether you have long hair, medium hair, short hair, no hair, coloured, straight, curly, wavy, kinky hair.. whatever type of hair your hair is, it isn’t it, that will define your beauty, it’s your confidence that will make you spark and make you beautiful!

I’m so glad I let go of that attachment I have towards things. I used to be attached to objects, to hair, to screenshots (don’t ask why). The funny thing is how little things can have such a big impact on somebody’s life, chopping my hair BY MISTAKE, made me more conscious about how we let invaluable things define our beauty!

Whether I have it long or short, it doesn’t matter today, I still like it, and I feel as beautiful as before!


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