Well hello there, it’s Hajar, a young college student who loves Fashion, Travel, Photography and Personal growth!

Welcome to my bubble where you will read about all my passions from fashion to food.

It all started in 2013 when I decided to create my blog called ” The natural guru” I wanted to talk about natural and inner beauty. Sadly I couldn’t keep up with the blog, as I felt it was restraining my creativity. Fast forward to 2016, I decided to create Adviceologie.

Adviceologie is the combination of the word, “advice”, meaning enlightening or helping someone and “ologie”( “ology” in English ) is a suffix that means a branch of knowledge, and BAM that’s the meaning of my blog’s name: the knowledge of helping others!

I started to learn about personal growth at the age of 15. Knowing that it is possible to change your destiny and grow to be a better person, was life changing. I always thought that the way you’re born is the way you’ll stay forever, oh boy how I was wrong.
I wanted everyone to know that it is possible to become the person that you’ve always wanted, I wanted to do it in a more fun, personal way, so after a year of blogging, I decided to shift to a youtube channel.

Today I have both a blog and a youtube channel. On my youtube channel, you will mostly see videos of me talking to you ( quite personally) about all sorts of topics and subjects that I cannot write( cause there’s so much to say) but you will also see more visual videos ( travel videos and vlogs) ).

Now I won’t lie to you, my mind is a very unorganized place, if you know me in real life, you know I’m super organized, but my mind is full of different things, differents passions and crazy ideas that I all want to share.
That is to tell you that if you ever find my blog messy or with no niche, that’s just me, I couldn’t see myself sticking to one thing, such as Fashion and leave all the rest, or talk only about personal growth and ignore traveling!

So if you’re still here, enjoy all the different topics you can read on my blog, and if you’re too lazy to read head over to my youtube channel and listen to my podcasts!