Beauty standards

Society has taught me to care about the stupidest ish, like holding on tight to my hair cause longer hair is prettier. So, of course, the day I chopped off my hair I cried a bunch. Long story short, my hair was up to my butt, I decided to go get two, three inches off. … Continue reading Beauty standards


My discovery journey 1

The first year was a mess, I was crying all the time, I didn’t fit in, I still hated Morocco…      I was looking for schools in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, dying to go back home.

Open love letter

This is a writing I wrote a year and a half ago shared it and took it down, and I think love can't be more expressed than the in the month of February! Here I am sitting in my bed’s dorm in the comfiest clothes I own. A big chunky sweater, one size bigger trouser and my … Continue reading Open love letter


5 ways to simplify your life

  With the rise of the Kon-Mari way of life, and capsule wardrobes, 2016 was the year of minimalism. Simplifying for me means to live an easy and lighter life.                                                     … Continue reading 5 ways to simplify your life


Stoked Summer

This is definitely a summer I wouldn’t forget, I wanted it to be all about getting out of my comfort zone and I did. I spent this summer conquering my fears and taking risks, cause that is all that life is about. When going to Skhirat, I’ve reunited with my surf coaches, but this year I … Continue reading Stoked Summer