My discovery journey 1

The first year was a mess, I was crying all the time, I didn’t fit in, I still hated Morocco…      I was looking for schools in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, dying to go back home.


My Love For Sunsets

If you follow me on Instagram or have me on Facebook, you know I have an obsession with sunsets. The beautiful canvas it creates is so mesmerizing. Sunsets are so magical, and I wanted to sprinkle some of that magic on my blog, so I'm sharing with you my best sunset photographs.     Paradis … Continue reading My Love For Sunsets

Discovering rooftops

I have always strived for adventures and travels, and when my parents and my sister went back home in summer, I was left with an empty weekend, not knowing what to really do. I decided to stay at my grandma's house, my cousins were still there, and that's when me and my little cousin had … Continue reading Discovering rooftops


Stoked Summer

This is definitely a summer I wouldn’t forget, I wanted it to be all about getting out of my comfort zone and I did. I spent this summer conquering my fears and taking risks, cause that is all that life is about. When going to Skhirat, I’ve reunited with my surf coaches, but this year I … Continue reading Stoked Summer


Feast of the throne – The Beauty Of Morocco

Hello, Today, the 30th of July, is the Feast Of The Throne in Morocco and there's no better time for me to share with you pictures I took for the past two years discovering the beauty of Morocco. The pictures that I will be sharing were taken in Chefchaouen, Ifrane, Rabat, Casablanca & Tetouan. Hopefully this … Continue reading Feast of the throne – The Beauty Of Morocco